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Easy Paint Tool

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This paint tool is easy to operate, brushing simple health easy to get started, than ordinary paint brush to improve the three times the same time from the inside out of the material removed from the waste drain waste, but also save paint.

Brush even within the liquid out of the hole from the inside out of the uniform material, the characteristics of mercerized suede increase the amount of paint, brushing more uniform.

Storage pipes and rollers can be reused, energy saving and environmental protection.

Easy to wash , you can use long-term.

Paint Your Home The Right Way

Painting the walls and the ceiling of a room can make the most dramatic change in your home, but it can be an overwhelming task to complete when using a traditional roller. With this paint roller, however, you can save yourself time, energy, and still walk away with a beautifully painted surface!

Transform Your Room With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Use this paint tool to save yourself time, energy, and walk away with a beautifully painted surface on your walls or ceiling.

No Roller Tray, No Drips, and No Mess

The paint tool draws paint directly from the can and holds paint in the handle, which eliminates the need for a traditional roller tray. This will save you from going back and forth to refill on paint.

Exceeds Traditional Paint Roller

The paint tool has a variety of features to make painting faster and easier with extending to 35.43" for added reach.


Painting your ceilings has never been easier! Unlike traditional rollers, the paint tool provides 35.43" of reach to make your ceiling pop with color with no drips or mess.


Paint your walls like a pro. With the paint in the handle, you can paint an 8’ x 8’ wall in 1 minute. That means you can have a whole room done at lightning speed! 

Spatter shield prevents drips from ruining your surface or getting on your floor and surrounding area

Draws paint directly into the handle using the fill tube, which creates less mess



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